Never forget you can access that feeling of love whenever you choose because it is yours!! This candle is a reminder to seek joy , excitement, pleasure, happiness from within yourself always .

Aroma: rose

Color: red

Garnishments: rose quartz crystals & rose petals

Size : 3.75”W 4.1” H

Wax fill: 8 oz

~ Natural wooden wick

If your looking to create a more loving, light hearted atmosphere and tap into your inner love goddess this is the candle for you. Perfect to light in the bedroom ,bathroom , or any

where you are doing self care rituals.

Aroma: Rose, geranium , neroli , cedarwood, agarwood, & oud

Garnishments: rose quartz crystals, lavender,

& rose petals

Size : 3.75”W 4.1” H

Wax : premium coconut soy

Wax fill: 11 oz.

~ Natural wooden wick